Fans of Pretty Man, rejoice! You can now own your very own IU hamburger sweater! This is the very sweater she wore during episode 2 of the drama, and it's available for purchase, so you too may walk around as a giant hamburger! Maybe having a shirt with a hamburger isn’t all that appealing to you, but you can’t deny its realistic awesomeness. Besides it's like owning your own piece of the drama!

You can purchase this sweater for around $67.00 HERE. The website also has some other really cool food sweaters including a pretty Skittles candy version, and a yummy popcorn version.

If you wanna be really K-Drama about it, not only can you buy the IU Hamburger sweater, but you can also buy the french fry sweater and force your significant other to wear it to achieve "Couple Style."

You can catch IU's hamburger sweater in action at the 26:05 minute mark in episode 2.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE