We've decided the world of Hidden Identity is filled with villains. More villains than you can shake a stick a — which is a good thing because they are dropping like flies. Which is weird considering just how bad our team is at their jobs. We're getting ever-closer to Ghost, but is it fast enough to save Lt. Min. who has been abducted...again??? 

Watch episode 11:

Stephanie: Is it me or does everyone seem seem to be really, really bad at their jobs in this episode? And where is Gun Woo?? Isn’t this his show?

Aunnie: Bad at their jobs is a bit of an understatement. I'm still trying to figure out the limitations of their job. So pretending to be a turn-coat and very nearly getting the bad guys is a bad thing but breaking into a building with the intention of avoiding the CCTV and installing surveillance is completely kosher? Umm.....

Cici:The case of the disappearing lead?

Stephanie: Whatever it is, he needs to come back soon, Detective Jang just doesn’t have the umph to lead this show.

Cici: I don’t have much of a beef with her, but I’m finding Lieutenant Min disappointing. You would think that after all those years under cover that he would be better at his job. Between letting Nam In Ho disarm him last week and getting taken down by the mysterious masked man this week, he is not living up to the expectations this team has set for me.

Aunnie: I have beef with her. I still haven't forgiven her for her rough treatment of Gun Woo a few episodes ago. As far Undercover Brother in concerned, why is no one getting upset with him for allowing his feeling to interfere with an investigation...or is that line of questioning only okay when placed upon Gun Woo? I cry foul. 

Stephanie: See? That’s why I think this theme should be WE ARE REALLY BAD AT OUR JOBS! First, who didn’t move the gun from Nam In Ho before leaving him? (Not to mention, all that build up and the villain's taken out so easily? And who was the person he shot?) Then Detective Jang was sooo obvious when she was undercover for that job and they went to her house. There is no way that guy wouldn’t have known she was lying--with all her hesitating and then the looking at him? I think I blame the actress on that. We’ve seen her be so good undercover it was just jarring to see her like this--and now Lieutenant Min gets shot up with the virus and abducted...AGAIN?? Harumph.

Cici: Okay, let’s back up a little. Am I the only one who was disappointed that Team Leader got to take out Nam In Ho instead of Gun Woo? One second he’s telling Gun Woo to put down his knife, and as soon as In Ho gets up and starts firing at someone, Team Leader shoots and kills him. That just felt...wrong. Why do they always have to wait till someone dies before disabling the bad guy?

Aunnie: No, on that we completely agree. That was Gun Woo's kill (or at the very least, Undercover Brother's kill) but once again, Team Leader Jang has to come swooping in like a knight with a shiny badge and take all the glory---while masking it as “responsibilities”. 

Stephanie: YES! In the heroes story arc it was Gun Woo’s job to take out Nam In Ho. That on top of the fact that they killed him so early in the story and so easily, it seemed off. Then when we find out that it never actually was team leader who shot Gun Woo in the past? Such a writer cheat. With those two points Gun Woo’s motivation gets swept out from under him. Yes, there is still Ghost, but since we don’t see him we don’t get the emotional connection to him as the big baddie.

Cici: Those two points you made really did take the motivation out of Gun Woo’s actions. So maybe he is still motivated by getting the brains behind all his misfortunes, but you’re right, his revenge arc has become completely impersonal. Maybe that is where the writers were headed all along--maybe he is going to pursue the baddies for the sake of justice and saving the world, rather than for a personal vendetta. If that’s where this is going, it seems like we’re switching horses in the middle of the stream. It may take me more than the four episodes we have left to get on board this new ship. Frankly, I miss the passionate, angst-filled Gun Woo.

Stephanie: I know it seems like I want Gun Woo to be all in pain and angsty, but to be honest, I preferred him that way--the wild card--the live wire. Maybe now that he knows Lieutenant Min has been abducted it will bring him back to the forefront all badass and awesome.

Aunnie: From your mouth to the Kdrama God's ears. 

Cici: Oh, I hope so! I need fight scenes! I need brooding! I need the personal connection to the work he’s doing, or why bother being in a Hidden Identity team at all?

Stephanie: I did have one funny thought while watching this episode--do you think after saving all the bigwigs lives that the team won’t be dismantled in a month? I mean they and their illegal search and seizures, wiretapping etc did just save them from dying a terrible and painful death--you’d think that would be worth something.

Cici: You’re right. And if Kdrama land were a place of logic, that would go without saying. But the pressure is still on the team to get the Ghost, and while they thought they were so close, it seems that the Ghost was never going to show up at all. So, I have a question. Is the guy with the glasses that is referred to as Chairman actually the Ghost? And is he Assistant Jang’s father? Or am I just being fooled by another red herring?

Aunnie: There is one thing, however, I couldn't help but question while Assistant Jang's story arc was being hinted at. Everyone has no problem questioning Gun Woo's motivations for being on the team and keeping a watchful eye on him so he didn't “go out of control” but Team Leader doesn't even QUESTION Assistant Jang's motivations considering who we think he Chairman might be??? Stupid.

Stephanie: That’s what I was thinking--that he was the ghost--but you’re right with the way he keeps looking at women (in a sad fatherly way, not a creeper way), it makes more sense that he’s Jang’s father, another expendable character.

Cici: Oh, I think he’s plenty creepy, but that doesn’t mean he’s not her father. After all, she told Team Leader that she has nothing to do with him anymore, so he must have done something pretty unforgivable. We know he’s part of the plot to capture the VD107 virus. I just wonder if he is some how tied to the disappearing spy village that scary dead wine lady referred to. She was actually pretty awesome in a terrifying way, before she decided suicide was preferable to being caught


Stephanie: Oh, I totally think he’s her father. No question. I can now see how they were building it there but I’m not really caring too much. I guess I still haven’t forgiven Jang for her attitude towards Gun Woo in the last episodes--especially since doesn’t it seem like she’s about to go a little Gun Woo-ish? Also with the dead wine lady, I can’t believe we have another dead interesting villain. Ghost had better be pretty awesome and scary if we’re losing all these other ones...

Aunnie: I'm glad you brought that up. I'm sorry, but she verbally, in plain Korean, said she was going to kill herself well before she actually did. Any particular reason that Gun Woo didn't, oh I don't know, shoot her in the shoulder to drop the wine glass? Was she not the only connection they had to Ghost? If I were on this team and it eventually went to trial....there would be a lot of defendants with bullet holes in their arms and legs, I'm just sayin'. 

Cici: Right? This last episode I just kept crossing off names from my potential Ghost list. Which makes me believe that he’s an entirely new character that we haven’t been introduced to. Maybe the masked mystery man? I’ve got to tell you, that is not my favorite way of handling suspense. I want to be able to guess who the mysterious baddie is, and I feel slightly robbed when it turns out to be a character that we haven’t even met yet.

Stephanie: That’s why I get cranky when all these villains are getting...dead. See? Not only are our team members bad at their jobs, so are the members of team baddie. At least our team isn’t dead--knock on wood. I was pretty certain Duk Hu was going to bite it on his first mission. Didn’t it make sense? He goes out on his first job, all the veterans watching, the way this story is written it was his turn to die. Our team will need a Red Shirt. I’m thinking he’s it.

Cici: Nah, it’s always been Lieutenant. Min. As soon as he said, “I’ll take care of it,” I thought, NO! That’s almost as bad as saying “I’ll be right back.” He’s toast, and that is what will provide the emotional push for Gun Woo to get his game back. The man needs revenge.

Aunnie: See for me, he was dead the minute he asked Gun Woo if they were finally okay and Gun Woo just walked away. With Gun Woo being as mopey and guilt ridden as he's already been, this will just be another thing for Gun Woo to hold on to--if Undercover Brother dies, that is. 

Stephanie: And we need for him to get his revenge.

Cici: So right now my greatest fear is that the writers will somehow grant the Ghost redemption by tying him in to the tragedy of the murdered spies and corrupt politicians. I don’t want him to be understandable or sympathetic. I want him to be evil and worthy of vengeance. And I want Gun Woo to be the one to get him.

Stephanie: We are a bloodthirsty lot. 

Aunnie: I'm okay with this.

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