It is the second to last week before the Hidden Identity finale and let's just say truths are finally coming to light in an awesome, and somewhat disappointing, fashion. We finally find out who our Ghost is, get introduced to new characters and find out the complicated and sad background of yet another one of our team members. Join Cici, Stephanie and I as we try to put together what is really happening on Hidden Identity this week!

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Aunnie: Okay, so these episodes were infinitely better than the last couple weeks. Both in fighting scenes and story progression.

Stephanie: While I still didn’t love them, I am happy that we got somewhere and it wasn’t a matter of just killing off a random villan. I still want old Gun Woo back. I laughed when Team Leader warned him it was time to work rationally and without feelings--I was like “Umm… isn’t it the perfect time to let Gun Woo off his leash??

Aunnie: I suspect Gun Woo will have his moment of glory in next week's finale but in the meantime, Im glad he's made peace with Assistant Jang even though, it was really her that needed to get over herself. I think its great that masks and identities are finally being openly revealed.

Cici: I actually appreciate the cool and semi-rational, or at least philosophical, Gun Woo. He’s perfect for dealing with Assistant Jang and her traumatic background. I just wish we’d been privy to all her trauma earlier. It would have made her responses to anything she suspected as disloyalty so much easier to understand. I would NOT be opposed to seeing Gun Woo in his kick-ass mode, though.

Stephanie: I don’t mind rational Gunn Woo, I do mind his extreme lack of screen time and presence in these episodes. It seems like the Chicken finger guy had more of a role. And did anyone get a little eye-rolly when we were confirmed that Jang’s dad was Ultimate Baddie? That was a little convenient.

Aunnie: I got eye-rolly when it was revealed that the Chairman was Jang's dad. The buildup was unnecessary since we made the connection last week. I WAS surprised by Jang's background though and made me feel a little more sympathetic to her. However...I laughed when they said she changed her identity, only to find out she went from Kim to Jang. That's not really an identity change, more like she got married (by American standards).

Cici: I laughed about that, too. But the part I got eye-rolly over was the whole Director’s part. “I am the Ghost, but I’m not the Ghost. The Ghost lives on in each of us that subscribe to his pain.” Please. I need a villain that can be killed or otherwise eliminated, not some nebulous bad guy who will take up the Ghost name as soon as the last one is killed off. Dread Pirate Roberts indeed.

Stephanie: I was watching this in the airport, and I looked at my screen in disbelief and was like “So the secret of the ghost is that there IS NO FREAKING GHOST???”

Aunnie: Its the Matrix all over again...."There is no spoon." Come...On...

Stephanie: I do have a quick question though, I guess about the whole plot. (Which is never a good sign). So the secret society of ghosts are supporting the cause of the dead Ghost who wanted to reveal the truth about what happened all those years ago, right? Does Jang’s Dad come in because they need his power and money? And to get those they have to get him the disease? And if this is the case, do you think that the original ghost would actually support what they are doing now? Spoon bendy enough for you?

Aunnie: Oh oh, I have something to say about the history too. Did anyone else get a "City Hunter" feel from the background of this story? It seems like the story is "City Hunter: How It Could Have Happened"

Cici: City Hunter on steroids. With a little Princess Bride and Matrix tossed in for good measure. So to answer your question, Stephanie, I think the Ghost crew wanted the file so they could make the whole truth from thirty years ago known. And Assistant Jang’s dad wanted the virus so his company could leak a little of it and have the antidote ready for mass distribution, creating more wealth. All this is very confusing, because the Ghost’s motives are actually far less reprehensible than Bad Dad’s. I hate it when the bad guys are given a redemption arc.

Stephanie: I’m not entirely certain this is as bad as one of those last minute redemptions (WHICH I HATE!!! Can that please stop?) I think because we’re finally seeing the “Ghosts” motivation, we can see that they started in an honorable place. Actually--this is interesting. Talking about picking a theme every week. I think the shows overall theme is the Frankenstein monster--born vs made. Dude. It all makes sense now!!

Aunnie: Ive reached the point where Im just watching to see how it all plays out. Trying to keep up with motivations and thought processes and actions--its too much. Im just sticking to obvious plot points--such as when Gun Woo still refuses to shoot people that need to be shot, like the sidekick henchman. Also, anyone else impressed by the masked ninja??

Cici: Yes! I keep waiting for him to say, “Gun Woo, I am your father.” We really don’t know /anything/ about Gun Woo’s family, so it’s a distinct possibility, don’t you think?

Stephanie: With this show’s love of impossible coincidences it’s not outside of the rhelm of possibility… I’ll also come out and admit, in the first episode when the NSA guy came to them, I was all smug, “Look, I told you not everyone is a bad guy--some people just want to do their jobs too.” had to swallow that one.

Cici: I had been suspecting the Director for some time, but then when he was in the group to be poisoned, I figured I’d been misreading the clues. I did feel a little better when Team Leader admitted that they had all stopped suspecting him for the same reason. So...the Director was the friend of the Ghost who /wasn’t/ shot? When they do those time jumps/flashbacks, I don’t always recognize the younger personnas. And who was the ninja guy, then?

Aunnie: I will admit to being super impressed when the director was doing the interrogation and saying "Finally!! We are all working together like adults" and feeling totally betrayed to find out the truth. 

Stephanie: Yeah, I suspected him but it’s because the show makes it seem like EVERYONE is a villain. I was hoping that it was a red herring but no. *queue eye roll*

Aunnie: so predictions for next week?

Stephanie: Hmm… I’m pretty sure her dad is not going to be killed. NSA guy is going to realize the error of his ways (how far he’s come off course) and Min is going to be just fine. But with this crazy pants show? Everyone is going to be the villain and everyone is going to die ;) You?

Aunnie : i think undercover brother is going to die, sadly but yes, daddy dearest will live to see a long life behind bars and special team 5 will save the day just in the nick of time. Per all the cliches available in cinema.

Cici: I think Undercover Bro will be saved by a new vaccine developed by the repentant biochemist. The new VD108 will be contained, but only after Daddy Dearest is knocked off, since he has already fulfilled his villain role and repented enough to try to save his daughter. That way she can be tormented the rest of her life and be a truly tragic character. And Gun Woo will finally get over his lost love and continue to fight on the side of justice with Team Leader and Sergeant Mustache. 

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