Every week is filled with more and more questions and so few answers. If you’re anything like us here on the Drama Club, you’re seeing conspiracies everywhere! Who is a bad guy, who is a good guy and who is just plain being a nuisance? The writers are so good at making everyone look bad that we don’t know who to trust! 

Join Cici, Stephanie and me as we try and detangle the spider’s web that is this weeks Hidden Identity!

Aunnie: By the end of ep 5 I had convinced myself the leader was a bad guy....but by the end of 6, I started wondering if doing bad things wasn't just a means to an end to get this Ghost guy.

Cici: He also agreed, reluctantly, to let Lieutenant Min work for NIS in order to protect the team.

Stephanie: I totally do not believe that the leader is a bad guy, I think this is a huge red herring. I think the leader knew that drug dealer (he was a drug dealer right?) would go to the prosecutor and try to make a deal. I think he's setting something up. It's just tooooo obvious!

Aunnie: I would settle for the Leader pulling some amazing card out of his back pocket to get out of this situation.

Cici: I can't believe the team leader is bad either. The NIS Director, on the other hand, is really suspicious. I would trust Lieutenant Min's judgement on this. He completely trusts Team Leader.

Aunnie: The Director is even sketchier than the Human Trafficker and he was pretty sketchy...just saying...

Stephanie: Yeah, Team Leader is a sneaky one, I totally see him pulling something out of his pocket--”You think you've got me? Well, bwahaha! It's all a set up, I have you!” Although, what is she 'guilty' of? Was I the only one who thought that Gun Woo should have gotten into more trouble for essentially killing the man who killed his partner? Yeah, we know why he did it, but taking the law into your own hands needs to have its punishment. She was in the right for asking those questions.

Aunnie: Well if that was the case, our whole team would be behind bars by now.

Cici: Little Arrogant Twit is also part of the conspiracy but I haven't decided yet if he's working for the Ghost or just trying to get a promotion

Aunnie: I think at this point we aren't sure of...pretty much anything and it's safe to say neither is our cast. I do know that Gun Woo has been ridiculously quiet the last two episodes...

Cici: Trying to butt in on the attorney's investigation didn't work out so well. She is the only totally straight one on the show.

Aunnie: This is true...even if she's a bit annoying....

Stephanie: I think it’s interesting how that, if you aren't on our team you're obviously worthy of suspicion. Looking at it from the other side, our undercover team is pretty sketchy too. Can't we all just get along?

Cici: The team is sketchy, but I gotta say I LOVED team leader's final beating of the human trafficker. This is personal--what a great line.


Aunnie: The only characters I trust implicitly is the Female, Undercover Brother, Dak Hu and Mustache Sergeant--which means I’ll be devastated should anything come out about them that is sketchy

Stephanie: I think I would add the female prosecutor to the to be trusted list.

Aunnie: She’s too new to trust implicitly.

Cici: Heheh I love Mustache Sergeant too

Stephanie: What's not to like? I like everyone on our team (LOVED the moment between Gun Woo and his Hyung---yay boy bonding!) but everyone else? So suspicious. Which makes me look sideways at the writer--too many red herrings makes things slightly unbelievable.

Cici: Oh that bonding hyung moment-- You NEVER say “I’ll be with you forever”in a crime drama. It's like saying “I'll be right back” in a Scream movie.

Stephanie: LAUGH!!! LIke the partner at the beginning.

Aunnie: hahahaha omg yes..ok, so let's do a run down..how many conspiracy theories do we have?

Gun Woo as Ghost is one...

Director Bad Pants is two...

Stephanie: Ummm. I vote no on one. Gun Woo is too straight and narrow and I think way too young.

Cici: Not Gun Woo. Director, LAT, everyone else has been killed off.

Aunnie: Did ya’ll see the sketch artist picture? It looked oddly like Gun Woo.

Stephanie: I just think that when you make everyone out to be a bad guy, you make your viewers think that everyone is a bad guy, so then we know that the bad guy is actually a good guy, right? Dun, Dun DUN!!!

Cici: No! Not the Sergeant! Not Assistant Jang, either!

Aunnie: Hahaha, even better...it'll turn out to be Dak Hu. Look at him eating that chicken in the office...he breaks ALL the rules!!

Cici: Now that's bad, lol.

Stephanie: Yes, the youngest, we never really hear from him but he's always there...eating chicken--now that's suspicious.

Cici: ROFL!

Stephanie: He's gonna Kaiser Soze us!

Aunnie: I'm glad you guys are with me on this...they made one too many jokes about his face...he's out for revenge.

Cici: That explains why they didn't make female hacker part of their team!

Aunnie: Yeah, what the hell ever happened to her??

Stephanie: DUDE!!! That was so funny! After all our theories last week about her--nothing. She's never mentioned again.

Aunnie: She could have been useful too

Stephanie: It really was a waste of an interesting character--why give such pains to writing her backstory if you're just going to drop it?

Cici: She totally could have outed Dak Hu as a bad mastermind

Aunnie: I feel like this team does a lot of things backwards---I know I know, that's kind of the point of this team, the whole vigilante thing and all that--but how about catching that rapist? Anyone else think there could have been an easier way?

Stephanie: Right? Let's go vigilante, get ourselves kidnapped, make everyone rescue you, and then do the police leg work. Seems backwards.

Cici: Not sure--they had to make their methods look legal even if they weren't.

Aunnie: Although, that whole attacking with a machete thing was pretty fricking funny--I wouldn't give that scene up for anything.

Cici: It was awesome. As was Gun Woo telling him he needed a new bodyguard. What a setup.

Stephanie: I just wonder, all this work, how is this going to work back to getting the tape legally?

Aunnie: Yeah, I fail to see how this was going to lead back to the tape....not to mention, I had a really good laugh at how having a DVD player was indicative that he must STILL have the tape form ten years ago.

Cici: They're going to get rapist to surrender the tape voluntarily in order to save his own neck.

Stephanie: Well that makes sense. You will win all the prizes if that is the case.

Cici: Actually it was a videotape player, which is suspicious just because it is such antiquated technology.

Stephanie: For such a rich guy too!

Aunnie: It was a DVD/VHS player, even I have one...keeps me from having to buy all my Disney movies again--Maybe he likes Disney too...?

Cici: Yeah, I have one too for the same reason, but somehow I don't think that excuse would apply to sleazy rapist. Did you notice how the director promised Lieutenant Min that he could meet the Ghost? That can't be good, since you only meet the Ghost in death. And how could he promise that unless he IS the Ghost?

Aunnie: I didn't like that scene mostly because it didn't make sense that this guy would give up the biggest baddie of his career to help appease an 8 year vendetta but now that you mention it.....

Cici: I also suspect that all these cases tie back to the Ghost somehow. Oh, and did anyone else notice Team Leader Jang and Assistant Jang have the same surname? I realize it's a common last name, but could there be some relationship there that will be sprung on us later?

Aunnie: Oh god, I hope not...everyone is so tied together as it is, the last thing we need is another connection to make this already complicated team more complicated. However, did I miss a connection between Ghost and Team Leader Jang?I mean, besides the 8 years he's been after this guy? Like why is TL Jang so okay with breaking the law to get this guy?

Stephanie: Look, this show has you looking for conspiracies everywhere. You’re an evil doer, and YOU’re and evil doer and...

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