This weeks set of episodes dunks us back into action, kidnapping, blood and the return of angsty Gun Woo. We're talking about the shows love of the fake out--faking out the characters and more importantly the viewers.

Aunnie: Soo...Anyone else relieved that Sergeant Mustache isn’t dead?

Cici: I fluctuated between being angry at being played and relieved that my favorite bumbling character wasn’t so bumbling after all.

Stephanie: Yeah, this show tries to play us so hard with every episode. We had the (we called it) fake drug deal, and now the dead/not dead Sergeant. Hrm.

Aunnie: We should probably come up with theme before we talk, huh? Umm…

Stephanie: That would probably be a good plan. How do you feel about Fake Out!

Cici: Well, I can see how it applies to Sergeant, but I’m not so sure about the rest of the episodes. Convince me, lol.

Stephanie: Well, we have dead/not dead Sergeant Mustache, the not a drugbust, the jail break of the killer (faking out our team), Gun Woo’s undercover Hyung faking out his new team with the most awkward undercover ever, and then Gun Woo faking out the team and going rogue.

Cici: Okay, I’m convinced! Why am I not remembering anything about the fake drug bust? When did that not happen? I thought that was the scummy pedophile/rapist?

Aunnie: It was at the very beginning, it was last week’s cliffhanger.

Cici: Oh, yeah, straight-laced attorney vs. not-so-by-the-book team leader. Thanks!

Aunnie: Yeah, I loved her crestfallen face when he said that it was part of a job. I think the leader has a good poker face.

Stephanie: We totally called it last week! We knew that it would be a fake out! So we are either really good or this show is getting predictable with it’s red herrings. I do love though, how he added in the twist of the prosecutor having to go along with them or the girl who had been raped would have to give back the money--didn't see that coming. 

Aunnie: Another thing that is becoming too much of a cliche--a little off topic--is these 15 vs 1 fights that keep happening . . . but back on point . . .

Stephanie: HAHAHAHHAHAHA You mean it’s not realistic that Gun Woo is a fighting machine???

Aunnie: Who can take several planks to the back without passing out . . . ?

Cici: Sorry, no, this is totally realistic, because it is KIM BUM. I will not allow you to disillusion me. Because if this isn’t real, who ya gonna call when you need someone to kick butt and all the odds are against you? But what is more realistic is the way he tells Sergeant that only death alters your life. That killed me.

Stephanie: Gun Woo had some great scenes this week. That one with Sergeant Stache comparing backstories, him at the end going rogue, and then more importantly, with Lieutenant Min when he said that as much as that guy might want Gun Woo to, he could never go back to the person he was before all this--maybe this will be the shows biggest fake out to date! Maybe our Gun Woo will end up having a happy ending with a wife and kids, eating meat with the rest of his crew. Yeah….that can totally happen...right?

Aunnie: What I’m getting from you guys is that I’ll be the resident disillusionist . . . cause the way they’re setting things up, he’s going to snap one of these days, not play by the rules and will end up in jail serving time which is the happiest I ever see him being . . . haha

Stephanie: Ahem. You mean like he did at the end of the episode where he takes out his own team and goes rogue? Something like that??

Aunnie: Exactly . . .

Cici: Now, wait a minute. You know that cliffhangers are just made for fake outs, right? So don’t go jumping to any wild conclusions here. Just because he handcuffed Dok Hu or whatever his name is to the stairwell, and knocked out Assistant Jang, doesn’t mean he’s going rogue. He may have a perfectly logical plan and will accept backup from the team graciously. What, you don’t see that happening?

Stephanie: Is this the moment where we all start cackling together and say “Yeah, right?”

Cici: Ummm...maybe?

Aunnie: Yeah, right! First off, we know that Dak Hu is Ghost so really, he needed to be handcuffed. Also, we all know Gun Woo is better on the dark side. However, in all honesty,I think this is a ploy to try and move things along, Gun Woo will redeem himself again remember---because he told Sergeant Mustache that he can be trusted.

Stephanie: I did think that he was a little….defanged once he joined up with the team, so I’m glad to see him all dark and angsty again, but I did think though it was a little early in the series for him to do the requisite ‘go rogue’ segment of the drama. I think the addition of the new big-bad Frankenstein (or Frankenstein’s monster) was a great way to push the plot forward. We see that our own team is not above being faked out. Team Bad has a crap ton of power on their side.

Cici: That guy who plays Nam In Ho is good. Like give me nightmares good. He is one scary guy. Monster is about the right word, and it’s even scarier that he has thought about how he was “created” and who was responsible for it.

Aunnie: I’m beyond impressed with this actor. Considering I’m used to him playing a doofus on screen and totally being a bumbling idiot, this character is ridiculously evil. The scar by his mouth only makes him more creepy.

Cici: Shades of The Joker? Yeah, I noticed that, too. And when he gets that little smile, oooo...shivers up and down my spine. He and the Ghost did an awesome job of faking out Team Good, but it was also pretty awesome that Sergeant faked him (and the rest of the team) out by playing dead.

Stephanie: With the magically appearing bullet proof vest? Hrm. I’m enjoying the parallel between him and Gun Woo. Isn’t Gun Woo in some ways also a Frankenstein? We saw him, he was all nice and happy, and then as his girlfriend is killed, he separates from his Hyung, he loses his partner (and everything else that happens off screen) he’s slowly turning into a monster himself?

Cici: No. Absolutely not. He has changed, because death does that to you. But he is learning to do whatever it takes to stop evil from winning. If that makes him a monster, then I say we need more monsters like that in this world.

Stephanie: But here’s the thing though, yes, he can be a monster, it’s just all in what he does with it. The power of good the power of evil. Look at where we left. He can either stop the bad guys from spreading the weapon to kill thousands or he can let it go to catch the guy who killed his girlfriend. They have a point. One person vs 100000?

Aunnie: What’s that quote again? “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” . . . ? That sounds like Gun Woo to me.

Cici: Pshhh. Gun Woo is NOT becoming the villain! The Ghost is so much more than one person. He’s been the source of so many deaths already, and he’s showing no signs of remorse or change. Stopping him may well stop everything else. I don’t really believe that Gun Woo can manage that by himself, but maybe his determination will bring the team around to his point of view.

Stephanie: I don’t really think that Gun Woo is going to become a villain, like a bad guy villain, I just think he’s got a narrow viewpoint. He’s focused on the revenge or justice he needs. Which works and makes for an interesting character. Let’s just all cross our fingers that the last bit of the episode was just another fake out and all this will be moot.

Aunnie: Actually, wouldn’t it be kind of cool if Ghost was just a name passed down the generations and simply belongs to the world’s biggest baddy? I’m all for fake outs, if they’re done well, but I’m ready for this time to start making progress and not keep getting stopped by “road blocks”.

Cici: Ghost is the Dread Pirate Roberts!

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