Welcome back to Hidden Identity, where lines and guns have been drawn, loyalties have been tested, and action and plot twists have ensued. Join Stephanie, Aunnie, and me, Cici, as we discuss the scenes we loved, the scenes that made us sigh in exasperation, and the scenes that just made us roll our eyes in disbelief.  

Cici: Let’s kick this off on a positive note. What scenes did you find Fantastic, Baby? I mean, Stephanie and Aunnie.

Stephanie: Hahahaha. Boomshakalaka, baby! You know what my absolute favorite thing in the episode was (which makes me a little irritated that they almost immediately dropped it) was when Undercover Hyung had the conversation with Team Leader, and let him know that he was still bitter with him for shooting Gun Woo 8 years ago and not letting him kill Nam In Ho. They may have to work together, but everything is not all honky dory.


Cici: I really appreciated all the details to Gun Woo's backstory that were filled in. We hadn’t seen the entire sequence between Gun Woo and Nam In Ho until this episode. It was significant that Gun Woo had lowered his gun and basically surrendered before In Ho stabbed his girlfriend. That not only showed how evil In Ho is/was, but further justified Gun Woo raising his gun to kill him. I don’t understand why Team Leader stopped him, and I would be bitter and resentful as well.


Aunnie: These last two episodes were a bit too hard to swallow--kind of like taking a horse pill, actually. However, I am glad we got a full look at what happened eight years ago because it definitely answered a lot of questions. First of all, I am surprised to find out it was Team Leader who shot Gun Woo. For some reason I assumed it was Undercover Brother. This makes my outlook on their professional relationship a little different now that I know that--which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Stephanie: That was actually something we saw before, Team Leader shooting Gun Woo--in one of the first flashbacks. One thing that they still don’t explain is WHY he shot him. He’s all “He would be a murderer then and his life would be all ruined.” ummm….I’m pretty sure he’d get off after the man was a murderer who stabbed his girlfriend. And--who else would think that Gun Woo would be having a little better life right now if he’d been allowed to kill him? Here’s a question, something else we didn’t see--who was Gun Woo back then? A cop? A wannabe cop? It doesn’t say. But I’m guessing no. I’m guessing he went into it after in order to catch them.

Cici: My question exactly. I don’t know if he was a cop back then, or if he was just acting as a concerned citizen when he saw the murder from the rooftop. I think he must have been involved in law enforcement some how...who else would go all commando, leave his girlfriend alone, and try to go after the bad guys instead of just calling the police and letting them handle the whole thing? His girlfriend had the right idea, and she’s the one who ended up paying for his poor judgement.


Aunnie: As a citizen myself, there is no way I’d go check on a situation if I happened to see someone stabbed in such a brutal manner. Not only was he weaponless, but these guys clearly have no conscience. That being said….maybe he’s just stupid? Know what else is stupid? Continuously having the bad guy within your grasp and not shooting him. It doesn’t even have to be a kill shot, incapacitating him would be a enough--kneecap, shoulder, elbow, shin….really...anything but the chest, abdomen and face would be a great place to shoot someone.

Cici: Seriously. Didn’t any of these guys watch the Lone Ranger when they were kids? Shoot the weapon out of his hand! As the Terminator would say, “He’ll live.”

Stephanie: GAH!!! I remember chatting with you guys when watching this part. DUDE! You left your girlfriend alone? When there were killers on the loose? Umm...that does not a great boyfriend/friend/person make. I wonder if that’s also why he’s wracked with guilt. I can understand that. Here’s the thing though. I also get what his Hyung was saying to Team Leader. WHY did he bring him into the team? It was pretty obvious he was going to do this if given the chance. Dur.


Aunnie: Ahh...speaking of...I’d like some serious insight on a certain situation. I cannot understand the rules of this team. They are there to “work outside the law”. In fact, isn’t that what this entire show is about? So...explain to me how Gun Woo doing what he did is any different than what Undercover Brother did? And explain to me why he was in so much trouble afterwards?

Stephanie: Do as I say, not as I do? Grumblz.

Cici: Actually, I get it. They are supposed to be a team acting under the direction of Team Leader. When Gun Woo went AWOL and disabled Assistant Jang and Duk Hu so he could carry out his own agenda, that’s when he got in trouble. He was trying to get his own revenge but he had lost sight of the bigger picture that the team was focusing on. And he put everyone else at risk when he did it. He acts like he’s the only one who ever experienced tragedy.


Aunnie: I guess I didn’t realize I’d actually need it spelled out for me but a sincere thank you, Cici for putting it the way you did because the entire two episodes were infuriating just for the simple fact of me trying to figure out why Gun Woo should be punished when, in my eyes, he was doing some good for the team. That does not, unfortunately, make me feel any more positively towards Team Leader and Assistant Jang than I do--which is to mean that I don’t like them really at all right now.

Stephanie: Hahahaha. I totally get it. I’m firmly Team Gun Woo. I can’t get over the feeling that Team Leader is using Gun Woo and his past to achieve his own goals and that Assistant Jang needs to get over herself. I know that’s harsh, but seriously, this is not about you. And the whole “we’re going to be shut down now???” How was this job any different from any of their other jobs? They go out, they go rogue, break who knows how many fudging laws and then eventually lose the guy. I’m thinking Gun Woo actually would have gotten them ahead of the game.

Cici: I’m with you guys on Team Gun Woo. At least I was until he didn’t take the shot. He keeps saying that he wants to kill Nam In Ho himself, but when he sees him kill the virus guy and has him in his sights, he doesn’t take the shot! Why the heck did he bother assembling and loading that high power rifle if he wasn’t going to use it???


Aunnie: See that’s the part I didn’t get. I feel like Gun Woo should have been commended for not killing the guy and I feel like that should have worked more towards his favor because it proves he wasn’t working on his own agenda. And let’s be serious, if he had shot the guy, he probably would have gotten promoted considering that the virus would have been intercepted by the good guys and all would have been well.

Stephanie: Right?? I had the same issues. It might be a little blood thirsty for us to say KILL HIM KILL HIM FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE KILL HIM! But it makes me question how they are writing his character. And then for him to just meekly join up with the group again? I’m a little disappointed him. He deserves better than to be used by Team Leader.

Cici: I have to question how a team that can pull off such a brilliant ruse to get Nam In Ho’s friend to tell them where he is can then be so stupid as to get within arm’s reach of the bast**d. What was Undercover Hyung thinking? Did he receive absolutely no training in the handling of firearms around bad guys at the police academy?


Aunnie: That scene alone had to have been the most frustrating scene out of the two episodes. First of all, after everything this guy has done--Nam In Ho--you’d think killing him would be a priority so I won’t even be shy about telling my computer screen to “Shoot him in the face!” Bloodthirsty, yes. But as soon as the guy walked within reaching distance of the gun, my entire mindset was “Too close, you let him get too close.” And then what happens? The bad guy gets away…..kinda. .

Cici: So it's official--we've become The Bloodthirsty Ahjummas! Anybody else want to join the club?

Stephanie: While I liked the idea of Undercover Hyung wanting to beat the sister-killing bad guy to death, seriously, what was he doing? Did he actually think he could kill him? Doesn’t he know that’s Gun Woo’s job? It’s like in any of those big blockbuster movies when the second in command goes after the bad guy. YOU'RE GONNA DIE! "You’re not meant to kill him!" I want to shout out. And then how did Gun Woo get there? Ahead of everyone else? I call a writing cheat.

Aunnie: Because we mustn’t forget that Gun Woo is our protagonist so he must be available to intercept at any given writing moment.

Cici: Well, I’ve got to admit that Gun Woo got back in my good graces when he risked his own life to push his hyung out of the way of the sniper's bullets. Though how these guys defy the laws of physics and out-run, out-jump and out-smart flying bullets is beyond me. Realism is not this drama’s strong suit, lol.


Stephanie: Talk about reality. So last week we were talking about how Gun Woo could take on all of those bad guys at once (Everybody was Gun Woo fighting?), taking multiple hits to the back of the head and then this episode Undercover Hyung hits him once (not too hard) on the back of the head and he’s knocked unconscious? The inconsistencies are driving me batty. Just let Gun Woo get out there, kick some bad guy ass and let's move on with our day.

Cici: So two things made me feel a little better after all the frustration. The first was the way Sergeant Mustache was always on Gun Woo’s side, and welcomed him warmly back to the team.


Cici: The second was the way Team Leader took Lieutenant Min’s advice and told the higher-ups that Gun Woo was acting on his orders. Remember that we suspected as much? Although I think that was a lie, at least his taking responsibility got Gun Woo out of jail and kept the team alive for another thirty days.


Aunnie: I think that was less about getting Gun Woo back onto the team and more about keeping the team functioning long enough to find Ghost. I don’t think he did it for Gun Woo’s sake, to say the least. I feel like a yo-yo when it comes to Team Leader. We didn’t like him the first week, kind of felt like he was sketchy, then we did like him, and now we’re back to not liking him again...can't the writers just be consistent about who we like and don't like? Watch, I predict next week we’ll have an awesome fight scene involving the Team Leader and we’ll all be back on his side again. Mark my words….

Stephanie: My issue with him is that he just seems really self-serving, like he’s using those around him: Gun Woo and his sad backstory, same with Undercover Hyung. And why? We haven’t gotten enough insight on him to know why he acts the way he does. We aren’t given anything from him to make him sympathetic or a character we can understand.

Cici: Ummm, I guess I’m the only one who still really likes Team Leader. I admit I don’t understand why he is so dedicated to getting the Ghost, to the point of using and almost abusing the members of his team, but I have faith that he is serving a higher purpose. Justice? Or something more personal? Or...maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of Blue Bloods and I’m just a sucker for a guy in uniform. I predict we get Team Leader’s back story next week.


Aunnie: That’s just great, now next week we’re going to find out Ghost killed Team Leader’s entire family and left them floating in the Han River….I do not want to like him just yet. I want to dislike him for at least two more episodes, such is my frustration with his character.

Stephanie: Seconded.

Cici: LOL. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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