Recently the cast members gathered to read the script for Hidden Identity, the crime-fighting action drama that stars Kim Bum, the popular and charming actor from Boys Over Flowers and That Winter, the Wind Blows. Find out more about the cast members and the roles they play.

(Above photo from L to R: Lee Won Jong, Kim Bum, Park Sung Woong, and Yoon So Yi)

First of all, Kim Bum looks very sexy. He slimmed down for the role of Cha Gun Woo, a focused cop with a military background in SEAL and SWAT. He pursues dangerous missions but suffers from the trauma of his girlfriend's death.

Park Sung Woong plays Jang Moon Won, the leader of the secret investigative team that is formed to bypass bureaucratic red tape to fight the criminals with methods that may cross the legal line.

Actress Yoon So Yi's character, Jang Min Joo, is nicknamed "the multiplier" as she is particularly skillful in disguise and collecting information. She is also adept at psychoanalysis and martial arts.

Lee Won Jong, plays Choi Tae Pyung, who has a talent for disguises and has many shady connections. He was just in Sensory Couple, where he gave a comedic portrayal of a kindhearted cop.

Even though the team members are smiling and looking friendly now, you can be sure they'll be tough and serious when they start on their secret investigative missions.

Hidden Identity will premiere exclusively on DramaFever on June 16. Sign up for episode alerts HERE, and watch the teaser below:

~ NancyZdramaland

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