It's never too late, as they always say, and a funny dude named Chuck Esterly is living proof of that. Just recently, a video of the 89-year-old taking to the stage at a comedy club and performing his first-ever standup routine was uploaded onto YouTube, and the hilarious clip of his debut set  viral. 

Standing on a stage and trying to make a room full of people who are just sitting there and waiting for you to make them laugh is no easy feat. That's why, even though many funny (and not-so-funny) people think they can do standup comedy, not so many attempt it even if they want to because it takes a lot of guts to get behind that microphone and tell strangers jokes. Just the idea of doing standup is intimidating to a lot of people. 

Chuck Esterly from Cincinnati had always wanted to try standup comedy. It was always something he loved, but he just never had the opportunity. He was always working, taking care of his family, and too occupied by his many responsibilities. But now that he was retired and had some time on his hands, he decided to go for it. He wrote a routine, practiced it, and took his act to the local comedy club. As seen in the video below, audience members loved it, giving Chuck their undivided attention and laughing at his hilarious jokes which touched on, you guessed it, being old. That's right — it's never too late. Because what better age to try something new than 89 years old? 

If only we all could age this gracefully.

* Just a little warning: Some of his jokes contain sexual references 

What did you think of his routine?

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