The dynamic premiere of Thirty But Seventeen is unforgettable. The new rom-com is giving viewers all the feels with its incredible mixture of comedy, drama and scandal from the beginning. The main characters meet in their childhood, but only reunite thanks to a sweet young woman who recently survived from a coma. Episodes 1-4 gave us a taste of the wonderful drama that will satisfy our Korean drama cravings this summer. The first scandalous scene in the series came right away when Gong Woo Jin accidentally greeted Woo Seo Ri a little too warmly.

After viewing their shocking screencap, let's take a moment to appreciate the amazing potential this series is already showing.

1. The Intriguing Characters

Gong Woo Jin (actor Yang Se Jong)

As a teen, he was on top of the world! He was young, ambitious, cared for others and had the biggest crush on a neighborhood girl. His happy existence shattered when he assumed a fatal bus crash ended his first love's life. Thirteen years later, Woo Jin feels guilty for her death, because he was the one who told her to remain on the bus a little longer. The now professional stage designer detaches from the world on purpose.

Woo Seo Ri (actress Shin Hye Sun)

She is an orphan who miraculously wakes up after a 13 year-long coma. Unfortunately, she wakes up to an unknown world where technology has made leaps and bounds. She lost everything due to the fatal bus crash. Her close friend died, while her aunt and uncle go MIA.

Jennifer (actress Ye Ji Won)

This unconventional maid was recently hired by Woo Jin's family to take care of the house and his teenage nephew, Yoo Chun. When she meets the woolly Yoo JIn, she accidentally attacks him with vegetables and even lets Seo Ri in the house by mistake. The emotionless lady is eerily calm.

Hee Soo (actress Jung Yoo Jin)

She is Woo JIn's straight-laced boss who makes certain he is in check. She keeps him on his toes by checking on him and never letting him fall deep into depression.

Yoo Chan (Ahn Hyo Seop)

Woo Jin's nephew is enjoying his junior year of high school. He stays active in the rowing club, hangs out with friends and we quickly discover his soft spot for animals. Even though his uncle is withdrawn, he continued to shower him with love.

The mysterious people in Seo Ri's life.

While Seo Ri was in a coma, her aunt and uncle abandoned her and sold her family's home. Seo Ri's childhood admirer, Kim Hyung Tae (Yoon Sun Woo), on the other hand, has been secretly checking in on her. We are left with so many questions about the people who have remained silent. Kim Tae Rin (Wang Ji Won) also seems to hold some hidden animosity toward her. She appears to still be jealous of her innate musical talent when they were teens.

2. Mistaken Identity

Woo Jin's first love is alive and well! When Woo Jin was 17, he harbored the biggest crush on Seo Ri! One day, she wore her friend Noh Soo Mi's monogrammed clothes. Woo Jin called out to her one day, and Seo Ri even responded to Soo Mi. Unfortunately, Noh Soo Mi tragically passed away in the bus accident, while his first love Woo Seo Ri survived. When he finally realizes her true identity, their reunion will be the highlight of the series.

3. Time traveling

Woo Seo Ri unknowingly time travels when she wakes up a decade later. It's great for viewers to see her react to everything that has changed since she fell into a coma, but she missed over a decade of her life. Thankfully, this is a Kdrama and it's all pretend. Buildings and advanced technology just magically appeared in her world. Her old house has a new owner as well.

4. All -Star Cameos

Child star Wang Suk Hyun made his presence known as Seo Ri's admirer, Kim Hyung Tae. You remember him best in the 2009 KBS series Take Care of the Young Lady. He'll probably be the first of a string of special guests that will stop by from time to time.

5. Hilarious misunderstandings

Episodes 3 and 4 are loaded with lighthearted jokes based on misunderstandings. Seo Ri was mainly at the center of them all! From her precious choco pie destruction to being mistaken for a ghost, the laughs are infinite.

Thirty But Seventeen is just getting started! What high expectations you have for this new SBS show?

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