South Korea's internet sensation Hozza made her viewers' dreams come true by uploading an hilarious parody video for Jurassic World's trailer that is already going viral. The star, who has appeared as a guest on SNL Korea and M Countdown, put on a fake mustache and used cute action figures, cars and adorable plastic animal toys to bring her fanmade movie trailer to life.

"It was my first time making movie trailer parody. It was request from my fans. Thank you for watching," she wrote in the caption.

Jurassic World is a Hollywood movie that stars Chris Pratt. To date, the science fiction adventure film has earned $1.413 billion worldwide. 

Personally, I think she did a great job, and she almost has 900 million views already!  I would love to see her version of the blockbuster film. Would you like to see Hozza's Jurassic World in theaters?

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