"I love his movies!" was a common response given by the excited fans of a Korean celebrity who last month visited a shopping mall in China with his camera crew, security guards, personal assistant, and beautiful wife. The only problem was, the mysterious Korean star had never even been in a movie. Not only that, the cool dude being followed by shoppers and pestered for autographs wasn't even famous. It was all just a prank that was carried out to perfection.

Pulling up in a Range Rover, George, the fake Korean celebrity, got out with his hot wife and made his entrance into a mall in Weifang, China. As his camera crew followed his every move, shoppers slowly started to realize who he was. Maybe realize is the wrong word to use here because he really wasn't even who they thought he was. They had no clue what his name was in the first place! All they knew was that he looked famous. As girls approached him,  hulking bodyguards in sunglasses would make sure they didn't get too close.  As other shoppers noticed the commotion, many took out their phones and started snapping away at the famous Korean celebrity they knew nothing about. Pretty soon, there was chaos in the mall, all because of a funny dude who was pretending to be famous. Some guy even remembered him from Fast & Furious.

Despite the joke being on them, the starstruck shoppers couldn't have been happier with their once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the fake celebrity got in his Range Rover to leave, a fan still following him made sure to get his feelings across to an interviewer who asked him which of his movies he liked. "All of them!" 

George the Korean superstar

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