It would be smart for all of us to know a little bit of self-defense, but most of us don't have the time or interest to take actual fighting lessons. In this day and age, you don't have to pay money to an instructor at a gym or dojo to learn combat anymore. You can sit on your couch, snack on a bag of potato chips, and take your lessons just by watching YouTube, where martial arts experts from around the world will share their secrets with you. And after watching this hilarious technique taught by an aikido master, you'll never have to learn another self-defense technique again.

Getting attacked by a crazy person wielding a sword would be a scary thing to encounter. But lucky for you, there's a self-defense video that will show you exactly what do. Sometimes, these instruction videos can be useless, especially when they teach you fighting techniques that require years and years of training. This one, however, will turn you into a martial arts master with just one viewing. After watching this hilarious video, you might as well have a black belt.

As Bruce Lee said, "Be like water, my friend."