If you want to be number one in the world at anything, this video proves you can figure out a way to do something that no one else can match, if you just put your mind to it. Just recently, a Chinese video blogger uploaded a video of himself devouring an entire corn on the cob in an unbelievable 10 seconds, but it's how he does it that's got people taking notice.

Calling himself "Eater Yang," this young man already has over 210,000 followers on the Chinese video-sharing site Meipai, where he has a collection of videos of him taking part in drinking and eating challenges of all sorts. But this time, he's blown away his devoted fans and those who've never seen him before by attaching a corn on the cob to a rotating drill. Yes, an actual drill—one that could shatter all your teeth in an instant. But nothing can stop Eater Yang, who bravely and heroically eats the corn as the cob rotates along with the loud, rotating drill. Before you know it, the cob has nothing on it, with all, or at least most, of the corn (actually, just some of it) in Yang's mouth. 

After his incredible feat, Yang says something to the camera with a mouth full of corn. I don't know what he's saying, but he sure seems proud of what he's just accomplished. I mean, he did put his dental health on the line, all for our entertainment. For those of you who just became a fan of this heroic eater, here's his Meipai page, where you can watch him go to town on just about anything. He's definitely got quite the appetite!

A proud look of accomplishment


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