A not-so-sharp man in Japan was live streaming a video blog of himself showing off a new lighter he purchased when he and his viewers were accidentally treated to a lot more fire than they though they'd get.

Rule number 1 when playing with fire in your own apartment – just don't do it. And another thing – don't be video blogging and playing games at the same time on your computer while you're playing with that fire. That's just a blaze waiting to happen. Oh, and another thing . . . it helps to know how to put out fires. Putting the small fire in a trash bag and placing it right next to some cardboard, then fanning the flames with a blanket is not the way to go. The full-length version of this video shows the clumsy oaf trying to fill his new lighter with fluid, and later wiping the lighter clean using tissue paper. He decides to use matches instead, which is where the video below starts from. The whole time, you're like, "What in the hell are you doing?!"

It's really too bad that this man's apartment burned the way it did, but he did at least make it out unharmed. As for his new lighter and its flames he was so proud of, he definitely got more than his money's worth.

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