It's always important to be respectful to strangers, not only because it's the right thing to do but also because you just have no idea who you're dealing with. Some unbelievably rude and obnoxious passengers using a hired car service in Malaysia found out about this the hard way because the young woman driving the car was actually an undercover race car driver ready to make these idiots eat their insulting words! And the best part about all of this was that everything was being filmed for the entire world to see.

Christy Louis is one tough girl, not one to remain silent while getting insulted. Not only is she a model and singer, but she's also a professional race car driver. As a female driver in a sport dominated mostly by men, Christy has gotten pretty used to people looking down on her, judging her skills and heart just for being a woman. But just a few weeks ago, Christy was given the opportunity by the folks over at MaxMan.TV to take out all her anger towards all who've belittled her by allowing her to play a driver in a prank, scaring her passengers to death by driving them around in lightning speeds. Of course, none of the passengers knew who she really was. They were told she was a new driver, covering for the regular male driver, and because she was a young female, the arrogant passengers treated her and talked about her in the most condescending of ways. They're so rude, I was wondering if the whole video was fake, but it seems to be legit!

But in the end, it's Christy who gets the last laugh. The moment she's had enough of the insults, she puts the pedal to the metal, driving and swerving so insanely fast through the traffic that the passengers literally fear for their lives. To make the experience even more exciting, cars with police sirens blaring chase Christy and her speeding vehicle, as if it was a real chase!

It's definitely sweet justice for Christy who succeeds in putting some entitled and obnoxious passengers in their place. Remember, always treat people the way you want to be treated. Otherwise, you may find yourself being filmed in the back of a car, looking like a fool, just because you were a jerk and insulted your driver just because she was female.