Whether people like him or not, everybody seems to have an opinion about the man of the hour, Donald Trump. He is running for President of the United States, after all. But what do people in other countries think about him? What about Koreans? Watch this hilarious video to find out!

One thing about Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is that he does have an opinion about everything and anything, and he doesn't seem to care whether anyone agrees with him or not. As Americans, we know what our friends and neighbors think about him over here, but we don't always know what people in other countries have to say about him. 

To give us an idea, the folks over at YouTube channel Asian Boss went out and asked pedestrians in South Korea what their opinions were of the Donald. Many don't have any idea who he is, but they do give their impressions of him at first glance, and of course, his hairdo becomes a source of laughs and a topic of conversation. How could it not? Other than that, the opinions they give about him based on his looks alone are pretty interesting. The two older men who do recognize him express their thoughts on the business mogul, which are similar to those of many Americans. 

It's always interesting to hear what others have to say. And when it comes to talking about the controversial Donald Trump, it seems everybody has an opinion, even if they have no idea who he is.