The place to be if you love or even used to love dolls is Japan. The reason for that is because as we speak, the Tokyo Doll Culture Exhibition is being held in Tokyo, where fans of Jenny, Barbie, Bryce, and all the rest can go see one of the greatest collections of these dolls ever assembled.

Pinned "The History of Kawaii," with kawaii meaning "cuteness" in Japanese, this isn't just some random doll exhibition. With over 700 cute dolls from all over the world, it's a very special collection. Here, fans can see their favorite dolls from past and present, and they are even treated to an exhibit of every single Barbie since her creation. The dolls throughout the exhibition are displayed in bright, vibrant colors, bringing a sense of fun and cuteness to the atmosphere.

Japan is home to many of the world's biggest collectors of anything and everything, and they are known to give their collections the utmost care and attention. It seems like the curator of the Tokyo Doll Culture Exhibition did exactly that, and, in turn, created an exhibition all attending doll fans will never forget.

Tokyo Doll Culture lasts until October 13th.

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