Each week, we bring you a new video from the tasty kitchens of Hmart for you to try in your own home! This week's delicious treat? Bean Curd Sushi

Watch the fun video below to see that sushi doesn't have to be hard to make!

Beef fried bean curd sushi ㅣ 소고기유부초밥

Lunch box redo! Hold the bread, you will love this cute beef fried bean curd sushi! 샌드위치는 이제 그만! 소고기유부초밥으로 색다른 점심도시락을 준비해보세요! Full Recipe>> http://bit.ly/21AfMQL

Posted by Hmart on Friday, May 6, 2016

Was that too fast for you? Here's the recipe step by step direct from the Hmart Pinterest page, which you should definitely check out!

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