What's your favorite Korean snack? No matter what you want to munch, you can find it at Hmart (they deliver, too)!

The best source for delicious Korean snacks is Hmart! Watch below as our DramaFever team challenges ourselves to find the most delicious Korean snack to fill their lunch boxes!

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Ohsung Yes!chips (Rice Veggie Puffs)
Sesame & Coconut Cracker (고소애)

Meloni - Sweet Melon Cream Cracker (메로니)

Mellow Pie (멜로파이) I'm Nana Corn
Kira Kira Japanese Rice Cracker Tsuki / Hoshi
Banana Milk, Strawberry Milk and Melon Milk (해오름 바나나/딸기/메론맛 우유)