Commuting to school or work is never fun, especially when it's early in the morning. But at least you're not from Yushan village in China, where the commute to get to work is frightening enough it might even make you faint, especially if you're afraid of heights.

Anyone from Yushan Village who's afraid of heights has no choice but to take a day-long trek of climbing down and up again, or they can just close their eyes for a few minutes and brave the 1 kilometer commute to the other side. To get to school, work, and even to go shopping, villagers have no choice but to get inside a homemade cable car, and traverse two cliffs, at a height of 1559 feet. above the ground. Forget your favorite roller coaster at Magic Mountain.

That crowded train ride during morning rush hour doesn't so bad after all.

Off to school

He hates shopping, but hates the commute even more!

"Please hang on to the railing"

 If thrill-seeking is your thing, Yushan Village is the place to be. No roller coasters necessary here, you can poop your pants out of fear every morning on your way to work!