Leave it to South Korea to come up with this breath-taking installation of 25,000 LED roses! The Light Rose Garden is a public art installation featuring a sea of white roses made with LED, and came right in time for Valentine's Day in Hong Kong. While the installation originates from South Korea, the Light Rose Garden is on a world tour with its first stop in this romantic city.

The garden is made up of 25,000 waterproof white roses arranged tightly in Hong Kong's landmark Central and Western District Promenade. The roses light up each night and illuminate the park against the backdrop of Hong Kong's skyline. The person behind the installation created the LED rose garden with the hopes of wanting people to come out to parks at night.

Judging by how beautiful and romantic the set up is, there is no doubt couples and families are flocking to the garden to check out these lit roses:

The Light Rose Garden would make a perfect setting for a romantic Korean drama scene, don't you think? The next stop for the garden's installation is Singapore on February 22nd, so make sure to squeeze this into your itinerary is you are on your way over to Asia.