liza wang

Liza Wang -- a television personality, actress, and singer in Hong Kong -- was recently robbed for the third time. The 65 year old reported that her passport, wedding rings, diamonds, and cash totaling $489,000 was stolen out of her bedroom. Wang has lived in the same home for 25 years and this is the third time thieves have targeted her. Interestingly enough, the safe which housed all of the items stolen was hidden away in her bedroom closet. It was the only room in her entire 4 story house that the thieves went through. Liza Wang believes they entered her house by climbing onto the first floor balcony and breaking into one of the guest rooms. But how did they know where Liza's bedroom was and how to find it? Police believe it was an inside job, because the thieves knew the homes security cameras weren't working, and they just happened to break in when the two home workers took Liza's dogs out for a walk. If that wasn't enough, in Liza's neighborhood there have been a reported THIRTY burglaries all within the past six weeks! It seems extra security measures are in order for this neighborhood and Liza should make sure to get those security cameras up and running! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (source via scmp and