The great city of Hong Kong has a rich history, but it's being threatened by a growing issue: low birthrate. Several factors have caused many couples to prefer having pets, not children.

It is projected that one in three people in Hong Kong will be 65 years old or older by 2041, and that could mean a huge hit to economic growth for such a business-focused city. Programs like Eldpathy, set up by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology students to promote empathy towards the elderly, are seeing the demographic problem gradually grow.

The financial pressures, limited space, and extreme property costs discourage many from the idea of starting a family. Paul Yip, a Hong Kong University Social Sciences professor, stated that, "Young people do want to get married, but they just cannot afford to rent a place to live... and would rather have a pet than a child." It is a problem that may sound simple to solve by attracting talent from overseas, but many of the city's unions and local families are unhappy with outsiders taking more jobs and space.