Fans of the Hong Sisters, writers of You're Beautiful, The Master's Sun, and Greatest Love, have been eagerly awaiting news of the title and premise of the new drama they have signed on to write for MBC. Here's what the Hong Sisters have shared about what they have in the works. 

Staying true to what they do best, the sisters will write a romance, and this time it will take place on Jeju Island. So far the working title is Jeju Island Gatsby. Initially it was meant to be a time travel drama with characters traveling back and forth between modern times and 100 years ago. However, they decided to change the entire story, and so far all they have announced is that the new story will be a romance set on Jeju Island. I wonder how significant the reference to "Gatsby" is in the title. I can see the connection between Jeju Island and the wealthy New York island The Great Gatsby takes place on. It would be fun to see a Korean remake of the classic, but hopefully the story will not end as tragically! 

See the Hong Sisters' last hit drama, The Master's Sun:

Writers Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran will be teaming up again with the PD from Greatest Love, Park Hong Kyu. The drama will premiere on MBC in May after Angry Mom

What do you think of this new development? Are you excited to see another drama that is likely about rich chaebols, or were you hoping for something new and different? Comment below!