Producers of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho have ordered cast and crew not to reveal anything about the series' final episode, set to air next week. Why? No one can say for now--it could be that the Hong Sisters have a shocking ending in store for viewers, but rumors are also circulating that the sisters have changed their minds about how to end the show and are preparing a major rewrite. Stay tuned! Fans of the ratings-impaired Playful Kiss rebelled after MBC announced that the network would be airing reruns of Gloria in Kiss's weekend rerun timeslot. Flooding the network's message boards with complaints, the die-hard fans have been rewarded with MBC returning Kiss to it's original spot. Kiss always seems to pick up more viewers over the weekend than it does during the week, so it's a welcome piece of good news for the drama. Won Bin's fans might not know that he's a quite talented painter--check out these screen caps from a recent variety show that revealed his hidden talent. Superstar K, the Korean version of American Idol, is not only the most popular show in Korean cable television history, but it's soon to be made into a movie. Co-produced by Cheon Seong Il, producer of Rain's new Runaway (Plan B), it's unclear whether the show's current roster of newly minted stars will participate, but you can expect lots of tears, drama and excitement when Superstar K: The Movie hits theaters. Oh Yoon Soo appeared in a very chic fashion spread for Daks accessories--see the latest from the sophisticated beauty here. Queen of Reversals began filming, and along with a slew of new photos comes an interview with Jung Jun Ho, whose character falls for a woman played by the real-life wife (Kim Nam Joo) of his real-life friend Kim Seung Woo. Jung says he loves working with a script that's "full of laughs"--get ready for the Queen's arrival October 18th, after Dong Yi concludes. Finally, a newly translated article casts a critical eye at Korean celebrities caught up in scandals and singles out the bad behavior of a few. Shin Jung Hwan, the comedian who claimed to miss television appearances because of dengue fever (and even offered up a strange-looking photoshopped image of himself in a hospital bed as proof) but who was really off gambling, is raked over the coals. So is Dong Yi star Choi Cheol Ho, who denied assaulting a woman until videotape turned up and he was forced to publicly plea for forgiveness. Along with criticizing stars who've gone astray, the article reveals some surprising figures about show business in Korea: for example, the number of people registered as professional models, actors and singers skyrocketed from about 3,000 in 2007 to 21,000 in 2008.