Actress Hong Soo Ah is paying for a fashion crime she committed on the set of sageuk drama, The King's Dream. The historically inaccurate wedding dress she wore in The King's Dream caused quite a stir on set and online. And now the images resurface: The veil, the frills and basically the whole hanbok don't fit in with the traditional attire of the time. The actress's determination to wear the dress of her choosing led to a backlash online. She does look pretty in that dress but the historical inaccuracy was unacceptable. The actress apologized in a statement for her outfit controversy by accepting the blame that it was her idea to wear the dress for the drama. Hopefully the Jang Ok Jung drama will be fashionably on point with the times and avoid diva-related oopsies like these. But other than that, what do you think of Hong Soo Ah's precious, innovative hanbok? (Source: