Imagine, there you are, having a great day out shopping, maybe eating and hanging out with your friends. Then it hits you, "Hey I have to go to the bathroom. Oh look, a nice public restroom. I'm sure when I go into this bathroom there will not be a head of hair dangling from the ceiling like a terrifying omen from The Ring. Oh wait, that is exactly what is hanging from the ceiling."

That's what this person must have thought when they posted this photo on their Twitter profile. @Honki_Honki posted this photo and mentioned that they saw this hair in a public bathroom with NO explanation.

We can't think of anything scarier than finding this hair in a public bathroom, well maybe other than a box of mustaches, a real dinosaur, or the actual demon girl from The Ring. The picture has clearly struck a chord on the Internet as it already has over 6,500 retweets.