The Asian Giant Hornet is the largest hornet in the world measuring in at the size of a human thumb, and over the past three months have claimed the lives of 42 people in the city of Shaanxi, China. The hornets have also left over 1,600 people injured from their stings.

The Asian Giant Hornet carries a deadly sting filled with venom that can not only cause allergic reactions, but can cause the body’s organs to completely shut down and ultimately lead to death. Every year in Japan there are up to 50 deaths caused by the Hornets, and they’re usually most active during the months of September and October. Scientists believe their overactivity is due to the “unusually dry weather” China has been experiencing, and people accidentally invading their territories. Hornet nests are usually hidden and supposedly if a swarm confronts you, don’t run because they will chase you. (-_-)

Authorities have been working to destroy the nests and the hornets will naturally go into hibernation in December.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE