Celebrities join fandoms too! 

BTS fans (aka A.R.M.Y) were probably green with envy when they saw the photo actress Ha Ji Won shared on her Instagram this week. Yesterday, the Hospital Ship star uploaded a friendly snapshot of their brunch between actors. In the picture, Ha is seen smiling at a table in a restaurant with BTS member V. "Time flew by at brunch as we talked about photography and productions~ 'DNA' by BTS, who've become even cooler, is so great. I wish for it to be successful," she wrote as a caption.

BTS is already a popular boy band, but Ha Ji Won must be an additional good luck charm because their song "DNA" is already a hit on iTunes and YouTube. The last production BTS' V was apart of was the 2016 KBS2 series Hwarang. Many are curious what sparked their friendship. However, the popular singer and A-list actress are keeping that a secret for the time being.

So far, it seems like their connection is work-related. Do you think the two celebrities could be thinking about starring together in a future TV series or movie when Hospital Ship wraps? What would like to see them co-star in?

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