esquire-jung-suk-won-1 Esquire deserves a Nobel Peace Prize or something because everything bad going on in the world needs to halt and pay attention to Jung Suk Won's latest shoot for Esquire in which they decided he should not wear a shirt. Hooray. The groom-to-be is something hotter than sizzling for the May issue of the magazine. Forestar Entertainment commented, “The photos from this shoot are almost 100% non-photoshopped. Jung Suk Won went through intense work-outs and strict diets to achieve that body. As he is starting to film for the movie Battle of Yeonpyeong, in which he will play a soldier with a lot of skin-baring scenes, Jung Suk Won will maintain his current body figure throughout the project.”  Can he maintain it throughout the rest of his life? We sure hope! esquire-jung-suk-won-2 esquire-jung-suk-won-3 Give us two adjectives that describe how you're feeling after staring at these photos.