These exceptional leading men over 40 are entering their prime. They still look youthful and energetic despite a few fine wrinkles, but they are definitely not flower boys. Some of them have weathered life's ups and downs, and all have certainly learned a lot from their long career. The extraordinary men on our list are mature inside and out, just like fine wine that has aged well, and they attract us with their unique bouquet. You'd be surprised that they also share something else in common.

1. Ji Jin Hee (age 43) - He rose to Hallyu star fame when the classic Jewel in the Palace became a hit throughout Asia. The versatile actor can play a romantic man as in He Who Can't Marry, a Joseon king in love in Dong Yi, or a handsome villain in the popular mystery series, Blood. In reali life, he is also a strong family man devoted to his wife and 2 sons.

2. Cha Seung Won (age 44) - He gave an impressive comedic turn in Greatest Love, where he romanced Gong Hyo Jin. Just as his character's name Dokko Jin suggested, he was singularly charming and possessing a unique look and personality. What an attractive specimen! He can also play a tough detective and ruthless spy. In real life, he is a devoted family man who married when he was only 22 and has a son and a daughter. He is a great role model to show the younger stars who are concerned about an early marriage negatively affecting their careers. 

3. Lee Bum Soo (age 45) - Here is an award-winning actor who has had an active career playing a wide range of strong characters. He even played a father of young children in The Prime Minister and I and fell in love with Yoona. It wasn't an easy pairing with Yoona with their 20-year age gap, but they pulled it off with convincing sensitivity. In real life, his first marriage collapsed in 4 months, but he has since been happily married to his second wife, and they have a son and a daughter.

4. Lee Sun Gyun (age 40) - This handsome man just reached 40 in March this year. We first noticed him and his velvety voice in the ever-popular Coffee Prince. He has since become a leading man known for his unique charm in Pasta and Miss Korea. In real life, He fell in love at first sight for actress Jeon Hye Jin and married her after 7 years of dating. They now have 2 sons.

5. Jang Dong Gun (age 43) - He has been a star and leading man for over 2 decades in movies and dramas. Jang was one of the first Korean stars to gain a following in other parts of Asia, and he also branched out into making movies in China and in Hollywood. In 2012, he return to TV drama in the fabulous A Gentleman's Dignity, leading a group of 40-something buddies in a romantic comedy. He is also happily married to actress and Love Wind Love Song co-star Ko So Young and they have 2 children. 

6. Wu Xiu Bo (age 46) - Wu is a versatile Chinese actor, producer, and musician, and also a 46-year old man who is not afraid to show his grey hair. He became a popular singer when he was disenchanted with his early acting career. He returned to acting in 2002 and has become a sought-after actor with successful leading roles in historical and modern dramas. (Read more about him HERE.) In 2014, PETA named him as Asia's Sexiest Male Vegetarian Celebrity.

In the hit Chinese romance drama with a twist, Divorce Lawers, he played a lawyer who was heartbroken by his cheating wife and did not expect to ever find a new chapter in love. His star turn in this drama confirmed his decade-long hard work in a difficult profession.  He married in 2002 when he was 34 and has 2 sons with his wife.

See Wu Xiubo in the series Divorce Lawyers:

Did you notice these fantastic 40-something hotties are all devoted family men? 

Which of these finely aged men attract you the most? Did I miss anyone? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.  

~ NancyZdramaland