Hotelier is a classy and classic kdrama starring hallyu icon Bae Yong Jun and Song Yoon Ah, winner of 2008's Female Excellence Award for On Air. Hugely popular, it aired in 2001 to episode ratings of over 40%.

Suh Jin Young (Song Yoon Ah) pours all her passion into her position as a manager at Seoul Hotel. But when the hotel's beloved owner dies of a heart attack and the hotel begins struggling, their rival, Kim Book Man (Han Jin Hee), decides that now is the time to attempt a takeover of the hotel, and enlists ruthless attorney/corporate raider Shin Dong Hyuk (Bae Yong Jun) to help. The owner's wife, meanwhile, decides to call on the one person she believes can help: Jin Young's ex-boyfriend Han Tae Jun (Kim Seung Woo).

A previous manager of the hotel, Tae Jun had left for Vegas three years before after being framed for misconduct with a guest. Soon, attorney Dong Hyuk is at loggerheads with not just Tae Jun, but also Jin Young, who will do anything to restore and keep the splendor and success of her beloved hotel. Out of the sparks of their battles a different kind of sparks begin to fly between the attorney and the hotel manager, but Tae Jun is also pursuing Jin Young, and has no intention of letting his old girlfriend get away. Meanwhile, the daughter of their rival, Yun Hee (Song Hye Kyo) falls for Tae Jun, and begins working as a waitress at the hotel.

Sophisticated and sometimes haunting, with beautiful sets and a soundtrack highlighted by lovely classical scores, Hotelier is a compelling look at four people whose lives collide within the inner workings of an upper-class hotel.

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