Instead of using Photoshop to give her images a surreal quality, a South Korean artist constructs elaborate and dreamy sets to create the most astonishing pictures. Artist JeeYoung Lee uses her tiny studio in Seoul, which only measures 360 x 410 x 240 cm, to capture these incredible images. Lee refuses to use any digital manipulation and alteration in her photos, and instead spends weeks, and sometimes even months, to create these ethereal backdrops.

Most of the photos are inspired by her childhood, or are based on Korean fables. Lee is a graduate from Hongik University in Seoul, and judging from these pictures, she is going to have a fantastic career! Check out the surreal and beautiful pics.

This maze filled picture is called "Panic Room" and is based on Lee's childhood memories.

This is simply called, "Birthday."

This is "Nightmare," and we agree no one wants to be around that many paper clips.

"The Little Match Girl"

"Maiden Voyage"

This looks like a dreamy abstract painting. It's called "Nightscape."

"Broken Heart"

This is Lee's take on the Last Supper, and the competition for resources.

"My Chemical Romance"- Lee thought of this idea because there many pipes on the buildings in her neighborhood.

This one is called "Treasure Hunt" and it took her three months to create these wire leaves. Wow!