I am an experienced K-Drama Watcher. (All right, all right! I admit it. I am a K-Drama addict.)

And as such, I know it's not uncommon for a K-Drama to start off great—grab my attention from the first frame—and then, after an excellent first few installments—ramble into crazy. (Yes, I'm talking to you, “Prime Minister & I,” “Shark,” and “Cheese In The Trap.”)

But oh, what happened to you, my little “Beautiful Gong Shim?” You were a quirky and enjoyable little gem of a show until the VERY FINAL EPISODE—when either the writer got amnesia and the director had to film the final ending using a plot line he pieced together using scraps of rejected K-Dramas he found in the trash—or some demented fiend threatened to run over the show's producers with a “Nivea PPL Truck of Death” unless his nonsensical scribblings were used as the script.

Whatever the real reason for the ridiculously stupid ending, I am going to do what I always do when a K-Drama I love goes horribly wrong . I am going to fix it in a toon.

So keep reading to see the ending I would have given to Beautiful Gong Shim if I had been in charge.

b.b. fox

What is Dan Tae going to do with golf clubs and why does he need a camera? We find out in the very next scene. . .

Gong Mi--ooof! I can't stand her. But. . .

Well, RATS! Isn't that always what happens in K-Dramas. The main couple is just about to kiss/get engaged/ eat a PPL sandwich when SOMETHING interrupts them. In this case it's Dan Tae's really really jjinja sick not-quite-dad.

Thanks so much for reading my toon. Did you like how the show ended, or do you like my ending better? Thanks for commenting.

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