New Chinese fantasy drama Ice Fantasy has a touching romantic storyline intertwined with the epic battles between the Ice and Fire tribes. Interestingly, our leading couple, Ka Suo (Feng Shao Feng) and Li Luo (Victoria Song), first met through a magical communication method that people who use social media in the 21st century can actually relate to.

SPOILER ALERT: How Ka Suo and Li Luo first meet is revealed within episodes 1 to 4, in case you haven't watched the drama yet.

Ka Suo is a prince of the Ice Tribe, a kingdom of immortal beings who are separated from the earthly mortals by the Guardians, who are themselves powerful mortals with a mission to protect the peaceful co-existence.

The young prince is only 130 years old in immortal age. Although he is designated to become king one day, he yearns to learn about other worlds. He often converses with his special envoy of the Guardians to pepper her with lots of questions. Guess who that envoy is? 

Watch Li Luo, played by f(x) Victoria, explain many of the rules in the fantasy universe of the three realms to Ka Suo:

By now you would probably agree that the two haven't officially met, despite having talked, or "chatted online" in our lingo. Wouldn't you prefer the cute owl to a computer?

Soon, Ka Suo will leave his worry-free days behind, as his homeland is besieged by the Fire Tribe and he is forced to flee into the mortal world to seek a way to regain his kingdom.

He will meet Li Luo again when she comes riding on a unicorn horse to rescue him. Although he feels a sense of deja vu, he will not realize until later that the beautiful female warrior is also the same woman with whom he had chatted so frequently through the magical owls.

The many rules that separate the immortals and mortals will also become a barrier for the two who are irresistibly attracted to each other.

By the way, the flowers are given by her to him for a special reason. Find out in episode 4.

Ice Fantasy stars Feng Shao Feng (Prince of Lan Ling) and f(x)'s Victoria Song as lovers caught in the battles between the Ice and Fire tribes. The new drama is on-air on DramaFever with 6 episodes in the first week, followed by 4 episodes each week. 


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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