A local Pizza Hut franchise in Tokyo has joined forces with 'Love Live!' and their delivery sales have gone through the roof.

'Love Live!,' a multimedia project about a group of nine girls who become idols to save their faltering music school, Otonokizaka Academy, has temporarily opened their own Pizza Hut franchise. The Pizza Hut, formerly known as the local Kanda franchise, officially changed its name to the Otonokizaka franchise for the duration of the campaign. Immediately after the announcement, fans took to twitter and started a pizza eating frenzy. Customers who order from this Pizza Hut have a chance to win limited edition collectibles which includes a blu-ray DVD set of the Love Live! animation and pizzas with personal messages from the actual Love Live! idols.

This franchise now sells more pizza than any other Pizza Hut in all of Japan. They've increased their pizza sales this February by 200% compared to last year and broken all records on twitter mentions. The day the campaign started, the line in front of Pizza Hut started at 4AM.

Japan loves their idols...and now they love Pizza Hut!