Rain and Kim Tae Hee seemed like a couple of innocent teens during their first meeting! On today's episode of the SBS program One Night of TV Entertainment, the topic of commercial filming was brought up. Specifically, they discussed what goes on behind the scenes at celebrity shoots that viewers never get to witness, Advertisement manager and TV personality Oh Kyung Soo openly discussed what happened when the My Lovable Girl actor met the Yong Pal actress. 

“There are many cases of double casting in the advertisement industry nowadays. We also called Rain and Kim Tae Hee for a double casting, and the two were very shy when they first met," he said.  "It made the place feel like they were on a blind date rather than a commercial shoot.”

He jokingly added, “Rain was one week away from enlisting in the military, but I saw him almost every day. He came on the set even when it wasn’t his turn to shoot."

Who knew the sexy singer could turn into a shy school boy around the girl he likes? Too cute! Marriage rumors have been swirling around the couple for quite some time. I know true fans are hoping they hold a beautiful private wedding like Won Bin and Lee Na Young recently did.

Do you want wedding bells to ring for the celebrity couple soon? 

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