Which of these two guys is Roy Chiu, the popular Taiwanese idol and race car enthusiast? Well, you can't go wrong picking either of the two, as they are both Roy Chiu. Apparently Roy Chiu has mastered the art of disguise and he has hidden in the crowd in China for 70 days without being recognized.

Lee Min Ho may want to take a lesson from Roy Chiu to avoid his crazy fans, as one of the main problems of being a star are the crowds. A star simply cannot visit any place without being recognized. Roy Chiu actually admits he has a fear of crowds, in addition to previously admitting to his fear of ghosts. Interestingly, he doesn't seem to be afraid of driving really fast as he has driven in many car races and even won several.

Here is Roy's advice on how to craft the best disguise: (Pay attention, Min Ho oppa!)

He first came up with a name, Kim Won, and then defined this persona as someone who is a 50-something middle-aged man who works as a minivan driver for celebrities. These are the special characteristic according to Roy:

  • Thick eyebrows
  • Wears eyeglasses and a hat
  • Darken the cheekbones
  • Draw a mustache
  • Furrows around the mouth
  • High-waisted half pants
  • Leather shoes
  • Big belt
  • and walk with a hunched back

With this disguise, Roy was recently successful in hiding in plain sight while filming in China. But now that he's revealed the secret, he will have to invent another disguise! Good luck Roy!