As we all can identify with, becoming fluent in another language besides your native tongue is a feat in and of itself. So proper recognition is in order for a young man from Bosnia Herzegovina, who's spent a lifetime learning about cultures and languages besides his own, and now can effortlessly hold conversations in an unbelievable 56 languages.

If there ever was such a thing as a natural-born linguist, Muhamed Mešić is definitely one of them. Now 32 years old, Muhamed found his calling at the age of five, while on a family vacation in Greece. Hanging out with his parents, he happened to overhear a conversation carried out by some local Greeks who were sitting next to him, and miraculously, Muhamed was able to tell what they were talking about, by observing and paying attention to the details of the situation. "This was the first time I met people whose language I couldn’t recognize,” recalls Muhamed. "I could listen to our neighbors talking and then figure out the meaning from the situation. At the end of the vacation, I was able to help my father to communicate with a local mechanic who repaired our car. My parents were shocked." 

From then on, everything just sort of happened for Muhamed. At nine, he learned Swedish from hanging around with some Swedish soldiers who were stationed in his town during the Bosnian Civil War. After that, he went to Hungary, where he picked up Hungarian. Things were happening so fast and so naturally, Muhamed's parents took him to a doctor to see what the deal was with their special child. After some tests, it was revealed that Muhamed had Asperger’s Syndrome, which was what allowed him to learn languages so easily, sometimes without even trying. 

But we all know nothing in life comes easy, which is something Muhamed has also taken to heart. Since his diagnosis, he has dedicated himself to studying languages, even very remote ones, through books, videos, cartoons, and even YouTube videos. Now, as a 32-year-old linguist, he spends over 200 days a year traveling overseas, attending seminars, lectures, and learning about languages and cultures from all over the world. Despite his impressive language skills, one thing Muhamed has proven with his life is that passion matters most. After all, he's still only 32 — how many languages is he going to be fluent in when he's 50, or even 75? Only time will tell, but most probably about . . . mucho!