When Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin, the adorable leading couple in The Princess Weiyoung, recently confirmed that they are a romantic couple in real life, fans couldn't be happier for them. But, did you know it hasn't been easy for Tiffany to find true love?

Tiffany Tang's portrayal of a princess on a quest for revenge in The Princess Weiyoung has led the historical drama to become the leading hit drama for both Chinese and international viewers. While the princess on the screen fell in love with her enemy's royal prince, played by Luo Jin, fans couldn't help but notice the extreme chemistry between the two stars that was sparkling bright beyond playacting. 

The two had already co-starred three times previously: A Beauty in Trouble Times (2012), Agent X (2013), and the movie Diamond Lover (2015). Interestingly, Luo Jin was the second male lead in Diamond Lover, which paired Tiffany with Korean star Rain as the leading couple, but Luo Jin's character got the girl in a surprise ending.

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Naturally, they have become the hot topic for romance watchers over the years, but the two only admitted to being friends and never confirmed any serious relationship. Luo Jin even refuted tabloid news about the two getting engaged when Diamond Lover was released. 

The beautiful actress, also known by her Chinese name Tang Yan, has often been linked with her on-screen leading men, but the reports mostly turned out to be marketing ploys. The only confirmed boyfriend, until now, was Roy Chiu, the handsome Taiwanese actor of Marry Me or Not?, who starred with Tiffany in three back-to-back dramas released in 2011: My Daughter, Unbeatable 2, and Waking Love Up.

Unfortunately, almost as soon as reporters spotted Tiffany's photo in Roy's race car and speculated their romance in 2012, the couple broke up in early 2013. Their respective friends spoke to reporters and pointed to distance, misunderstanding, etc. It's all in the past now, but fans of the two stars were upset for them, especially when it was reported that Tiffany was often crying and losing weight. In late 2015, Roy Chiu spoke about the failed romance for the first time and said it was all up to fate, and he admitted that he was the one who initiated the breakup.

Tiffany and Luo Jin, on the other hand, have maintained their friendship over the years. It's been speculated that they dated a little, but it didn't lead to a serious relationship. 

Fast forward to The Princess Weiyoung. Whether the two stars secretly dated or rekindled romantic feelings, it really doesn't matter now. On December 6, Tiffany's 33rd birthday, the couple apparently coordinated a Weibo announcement confirming their real-life romance. Luo Jin's message was posted at exactly 12:06 am, and contained a photo showing the two in childhood standing together, with a romantic message that was echoed by Tiffany.


Luo Jin admitted in a later interview that they had planned it. The photo was photoshopped with separate childhood photos that perfectly fitted together. (Definitely by the hand of fate!)

Fate or not, fans are feeling a wave of happiness for the two stars who have turned their on-screen chemistry into real-life romance.

Who doesn't love a happy ending!

It's wonderful that Tiffany has risen from heartbreak to find true love.

Look at the happy couple in this December 9 photo, just 3 days after their very public admission of love:

May Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin continue their journey in love forever and ever!

(Of course now the new rumors are about them getting married soon.)

In the meantime, check out how the couple in love battle enemies and intrigue in The Princess Weiyoung!

Also, did you know Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin sang a romantic OST for the drama? 


The Princess Weiyoung - 锦绣未央

Starring Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin

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