Wallace Huo is well known as being reserved about his private life, and fans of Chinese-language dramas are stunned by the news that The Imperial Doctress leading man and My Fair PrincessRuby Lin are finally together. How did two long-time friends finally succumb to the sparkles of love? You may feel like you're watching a scene right out of a romance drama when you find out how Wallace confessed his love to Ruby.

In contrast to Wallace Huo's personality, Ruby Lin is well known as bright and open and likes to joke with friends. She has dated but has never married, and there is always plenty of speculations about the successful and talented singer-actress and producer.

Lately the rumor mill is about Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden). They were once seen leaving a dinner together, but Ruby said they were just friends. There is also leading man Weber Yang, with whom Ruby has strong chemistry and a seductive bed scene in romance drama The Way We Were (aka 16 Summers).

There is also the long-standing promise that Ruby has had with Alec Su, co-star in the original My Fair Princess, that they'll marry if Ruby is still single when she is 40.

Did Wallace get rattled by the pressure from these news?

When Ruby celebrated her 40th birthday in January, Wallace flew in for her birthday party as he has often done for many years. Jerry Yan was actually at the party earlier, but left after he gave Ruby a present.

As soon as Wallace arrived, he was urged by friends to have a drink. After a few drinks, Wallace gave Ruby a gold bracelet and confessed his love. The friends around them recognized the enormity of the situation and stepped back.

(Don't you wish you were there to see Ruby's face and reaction?)

Did Wallace work up courage after a few drinks? We can only guess, but what is known now is that Ruby has accepted him, and the two have spent (significant) time together once the stunning news came out after they publicly admitted via Weibo posts. 

There is also a lovely photo of their hands jointly holding a rose, the symbol of love, and showing the gold bracelet on Ruby's hand.

When asked about relationships, Ruby once lamented in an interview, without naming who, that she had felt feelings for someone but they never had the right opportunity to get together. Fans now guess that she was referring to Wallace.

She has always liked Wallace as a friend, and even asked him to star in her first self-produced drama, Glamorous Imperial Concubine. His character was deeply in love with her character, but she was in love with another royal. 

This time, Wallace finally gets the girl.

It took them 10 years to be together.

Timing is everything, especially for the stars!

~ NancyZdramaland

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