In the fantasy romantic drama Lost Love in Times, William Chan plays Prince Yuan Ling who falls passionately in love with a beautiful sorceress played by Cecilia Liu. Before the two stars filmed a critical kiss scene, the hot singer-actor was very concerned. How was he able to overcome his nervousness?

<Spoilers Alert>

Nicky Wu, Cecilia's famous actor husband, was visiting the film site and learned about the upcoming kiss scene. 

The kiss scene was described to be critical for the plot, during which Yuan Ling was trying to convince the sorceress to marry him. 

At 31 years of age with plenty of romantic scenes in his acting experience, William still felt he was going to be very embarrassed during the kiss, with Nicky watching.

Fortunately, Nicky Wu didn't show up when the scene was filmed.

It was apparently a deliberate decision by Nicky.

According to Cecilia, her husband told her to do a good job and not be worried about the kiss scene.

It was lucky for William, as he would later admit during an interview, that he avoided getting stressed out and was able to perform.

As a result, the two stars were relaxed and filmed well, and Director Yuk-Fan Lam was said to be pleased.

We viewers feel relieved for William too!

William also said that it's a joy to work with Cecilia, and that they have great mutual understanding as acting partners.


Lost Love in Times - 醉玲珑

Starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

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