It's not the first nor the last time that Asian stars have bed scenes in a movie, but Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan faced special challenges in their romantic movie, But Always. Their own personal life would enter a big change after the movie was released, so it's interesting to hear from them about their experience in filming those intimate scenes.

(Spoilers alert if you haven't watched the movie.)

The 2014 movie, But Always, was Nicholas's first romantic role ever since 2003. After his divorce from Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung in 2011, his every move that could possibly be linked to a new romance was constantly scrutinized by the paparazzi. 

As for Gao Yuanyuan, she had been dating another hot actor, Mark Chao, after they co-starred in the movie, Caught in the Web. The bed scenes in But Always would be the most revealing scenes that the beautiful actress had ever acted in. Gao Yuanyuan said her normal limit was revealing only down to her shoulders, and she at first felt shy and wasn't sure how to handle the scenes.

There are actually two steamy scenes in the romantic movie. It was reported that both actors were bared to the waist and were only shielded by a bed sheet. Nicholas, whose rippling abs are no stranger to his fans, said he was most concerned about the aesthetics of the scenes. He didn't want the scenes to look contrived, but he said the result was great because the two actors had gotten to know each other and felt comfortable with the scenes.

Many actors who are dedicated to their profession have said that they would not reject bed scenes or revealing scenes if the story called for them. Both Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan are also big stars in China that they could have rejected any scenes that they deemed inappropriate. In this case, both bed scenes would lead to pivotal consequences in the story.

When But Always was released in China on September 5, 2014, Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao had already registered their marriage license in June in Beijing, and would hold a wedding banquet in Taipei later in in November.

On September 15, 2014, Nicholas Tse was secretly photographed by the paparazzi when he visited Faye Wang, the famous Chinese singer who dated Nicholas many years ago before they went their separate ways. Their dating relationship was confirmed a few days later, and it was reported by the Chinese media as the "reunion of the century."

Perhaps it's coincidental, but it could also be destined. It's certainly an alternate ending to a movie that was book-ended with two great real-life tragedies.

The movie But Always traces the connections and bond between Yongyuan (Nicholas Tse) and Anran (Gao Yuanyuan). Will their love endure the tumultuous changes in life for always? How will fate intervene? The story unfolds like a timeless romantic tale that could take place anywhere.


But Always

Starring Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan

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