Ever wondered how other countries view Americans? Well, here are the stereotypes that some people from other countries all over the world seem to have about Americans! The video, which is now going viral, was filmed at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan. The people who were asked about Americans and American culture were from many different countries, including Costa Rica, Japan, India, Korea, Austria, Germany, England, Sweden, and more.

Some of the stereotypes were not too flattering, such as "Usually they are sometimes a little bit plump?" Many of the people from each country agreed that Americans are stereotypically overweight. Generally they all thought that Americans were very loud but also extremely friendly. Some statements were very broad about American style, but there were a few things that were quite specific. One person even stated, "They do not carry umbrellas when it's raining," which even though it's not true, is funny because it's such a random thing to say! Check out what they all had to say about American stereotypes in the video below!

What did you think of the stereotypes in the video?

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