Legend of Fuyao has been so popular that it not only tops the chart in China, it is also gaining huge popularity among international viewers. Starring Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan, the fascinating costume drama fuses martial arts and fantasy in a thrilling romance where the two lead characters seem to fall in love more and more as they spar and joust each other in riveting action scenes. What do the stars say about each other for their romantic duels? The two stars recently revealed some fun secrets.


First, Ethan complains, in a teasing way much like his crown prince character, that Yang Mi kicks and hits him all the time.

Blame it on their many action scenes together! These scenes aren't just the usual martial arts sword fights — they involve highly-skilled acrobatics that trigger and show off the two characters' irresistible attraction for each other.

Their fights began ever since the moment the characters first met, and have continued from the secret cove to open air, from high above ground down to the deep waters, as the two characters transform misunderstanding to budding love to become ultimate soulmates.

Not to be outdone by Ethan, Yang Mi says she's had to teach the handsome leading man how to flirt with her. On screen, that is! (Can you believe that?)

Ethan must be a good student because his crown prince has been an adorable tease on screen.

(Check out this cute behind-the-scenes clip to see how Ethan Ruan suffers for love:)

And yet, as viewers will come to learn, he is the one who will first fall head over heels for the one woman he is supposed to vanquish, much less love.

If you've been following Legend of Fuyao, then I'm sure you've been rewarded with a fabulous journey.

The romantic scenes will even kick up a further notch starting with episode 17.


Legend of Fuyao - 扶摇

Starring Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan

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Frankly, the drama has exceeded my expectation.

I thought I couldn't fall for another prince after Mark Chao's Crown Prince Yehua in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Turns out, Ethan Ruan's uniquely flirty and lovable prince is quite fun to watch.

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