We all have our favorite sleeping positions, the ones we like to get into right when we get under the covers and turn off the lights. But according to a study done by a prominent sleep expert, these positions may say more about you than just how you like to sleep.

Dr. Samuel Dunkell has been researching everything that goes on once a human being goes to sleep for over 25 years, and he definitely has some interesting findings. For one of his studies, he came up with personality traits for those who snooze in any of the seven most common sleep positions. Personally, as much as I respect Dr. Dunkell for all his sleep knowledge and wisdom, I don't know if how I sleep really has anything to do with my personality. I just sleep in any position that I find comfortable! That, exactly, is supposedly what reveals who I am. "People sleep as they live," says the doctor.

What do you think? Here are Dr. Dunkell's seven positions and their corresponding personalities.

1. Fetal position  —  Very protective of yourself, self-conscious and sometimes clingy. You tend to be troubled by human relationships.

2. King position  —  Self-confident, maybe even arrogant with narcissistic tendencies. But very social, enjoys new experiences and challenges.

3. Face down position  —  The nervous and sometimes sensitive type, you appreciates tidiness,  somewhat of a clean-freak. You get upset if things don't go your way.

4. Buried under the covers position — Tend to look at things from all angles with your profound insight, but you get caught up in trivial matters.

5. Cuddle position — You have very high ideals. But when those ideals are not reached, you can get chronically frustrated. Can't face reality.

6. Half-fetal position — Very cooperative and a well-balanced personality. You have the ability to relax those around you, but you may be indecisive.

7. Knees raised position — You remember the tiniest details, borderline neurotic. Short-tempered at times, you find it hard to just let things go if they bother you.

These all seem a bit silly, but these findings are a result of years and years of research. I wonder how Dr. Dunkell himself sleeps? As for me, I put a pillow between my legs sometimes, but that's because I have a bad back.

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