Joo Won is all about long-term relationships.

The Yong Pal actor's contract with Huayi Brothers is coming to an end very soon, and everyone wants to know if he will renew or not. His agency clarified the 29 year-old's next career move with a brief statement to the media.

"Joo Won has signed an exclusive contract with us again," they announced today. After seven years under Huayi Brothers, it seems he's going to try for a decade! Joo Jin Moo, Lee Si Young and My Shy Boss' Park Hye Soo are just some of the many labelmates at the place he has called home since 2010. Who would want to go anywhere else after a successful career that was sparked by Baker King Kim Tak Goo? Signing a contract with Huayi Brothers was like hitting the jackpot! His talent and their keen eye for the right projects make them a winning team. I'm a big fan of his Tomorrow's Cantabile K-drama and Steal My Heart movie too. 

Joo Won's My Sassy Girl historical remake series, which co-stars Oh Yeon Seo, is scheduled to premiere by the summer on SBS. The pre-recorded show will not interfere with his plans to enlist in the military sometime this year.  

What type of future projects do you hope he chooses before and after his military service? 

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