Once upon a time I was the poster child for a normal mom. I had Pinterest pages filled with great projects I would never do, and a Facebook feed devoted to quick-and-easy recipes, inspirational quotes, and pictures of family. All that changed when my daughter returned home from graduate school for a visit. Little did I know she was about to turn me into a K-drama addict.

How did that sneaky girl do it? In six sneaky steps.

1. She started slow. “It’s a little different from what you’re used to,” she warned me. “But give it a couple of episodes before you decide whether you like it or not.” Okay, I could handle that. What harm could there be in a “three-hour tour” through K-drama land?


2. She conveniently neglected to mention any obstacles. The show is in a language I had never even heard before, with subtitles that whiz by at the speed of light? No problem. Here’s the remote. Feel free to rewind.

Remote Control Meme.jpg

3. She took advantage of my weaknesses. I’m a sucker for sweet romantic comedies with a strong female lead, as well as fist-pumping action scenes where the good guy wins. As noble as that sounds, I am also not opposed to eye candy. I may be shallow, but honest, she absolutely did not warn me about shower scenes. And... feel free to rewind.


4. She left me wanting more. What??? Only sixteen episodes? A show with a beginning, middle, and end? Whoa. When does the next season come out? IT DOESN’T? Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth.


5. She followed up. After listening to my whining and complaining, she turned on a new drama, and taught me a whole new meaning for the word, “marathon”.


6. She sealed the deal with food. Not just any food . . . delicious Korean food. And a cute copper pot to cook it in. And chopsticks to eat it with. Need I say more?


Oh, that sneaky girl. I'm so glad she's my daughter!

By the way, feel free to try these six sneaky steps with your own mom. Just don't tell her you heard it from me.