Did you take a test on the how old app? It can automatically detect your age based on the photo you submit. It may not be accurate, but it indeed understands K-dramas.

1. It knows the difference of ages from time traveling versus living on earth

Rooftop Prince: He is still at the same age when he is time traveling.

My Love From Another Star: Considering this alien has stayed on the earth for over 400 years, see?

2. It can detect the actresses from actors even when she disguised herself as a boy.

You are Beautiful: Park Shin Hye indeed pretended to be a boy in this fabulous flower boy band. Well, she might be able to deceive Jang Geun Suk, but she can not deceive this app.

Coffee Prince: No commentary needed. The story is too popular among the K-drama fans.

How do you like the evaluation about your age? 

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