Medical drama Surgeons (Stories Behind OR) has steadily risen to become a current top hit in China, and it is also gaining popularity on DramaFever. Much of the success is attributed to the great story, excellent direction and performance, as well as Jin Dong, the drama's extraordinary leading man.

Although Jin Dong is handsome and carries an innate aristocratic air, he has chosen a unique path in his acting career. He avoids idol dramas and prefers to excel with demanding roles that challenge an actor's mettle on stage and screen. The man with a quiet demeanor also leads a low-keyed life style, and you can hardly find tabloid headlines about him. No wonder he is known as a gentleman and is one of the most respected actors in China.

Here are a few interesting things to know about Jin Dong.

1. The 40-year-old actor has aged well. Take a look at him in earlier days.

2. Although he debuted at the age of 17 and won recognition for his acting abilities over the years, he really shined and rose to great fame with his award-winning role as a mysterious double spy in the 2015 period drama, The Disguiser, which also starred Hu Ge and Wang Kai.

Do you think he is a late bloomer?

3. He also appeared in a support role in his friend Hu Ge's famous historical drama, Nirvana in Fire, where he looked quite dashing.

4. He has played both Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, probably the two most famous Chinese Communist leaders who are well known to the West.

(as Chairman Mao:)

5. He is happily married to actress Li Jia, and the couple have a young son. They fell in love after co-starring in TV drama, Young Did Not Fail, in 2010. 

6. You can also find him as a treasure hunter in Candle in the Tomb, available on DramaFever,

7. He enjoys reading, particularly classical literature. His loving wife once baked him a birthday cake that looked like two books stacked together. On her post, she wrote, "Come, eat up these two books."

in Surgeons, Jin Dong plays a top surgeon who returns to China from the USA to bring needed changes in a local hospital, while seeking to uncover the truth of his mother's tragic demise and also to look for his missing sister. The actor who has followed his own path in life is the perfect choice to carry the drama.


Surgeons (Stories Behind OR) - 外科风云

Starring Jin Dong and Bai Bai He

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Are you watching Surgeons? What do you like the most about the medical drama?

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